Why Chatbots?

"Conversational AI will supersede cloud & mobile as the most important imperative for the next 10 years."


Patients aren’t engaged

It’s costing us $33B each year—in avoidable hospital admittances, higher treatment costs, low prescription adherence, and preventable deaths. We can do better.

Meet patients where they are, with a conversation

People aren’t only messaging friends and family - 65% also want to message businesses. Messaging is intuitive, responsive, and requires no training.

Turn patient interactions into conversations at scale

Healthcare’s patient workflows are defined, repeatable, and primed for automation.

Innovate at Lightspeed

Building mobile and web apps is slow, hard, and expensive. High infrastructure and interface development costs restrict content and business logic flexibility.

Bots reduce development by orders of magnitude. Hospitals, pharma companies, and researchers that augment human expertise and service with bots will transform patient engagement in ways that have never been possible.