Healthcare accounts for 18% of the US economy.

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The single biggest cost impact is disengaged patients: they cost 25% more to care for than engaged patients.

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65% of patients feel their providers could do a better job of engaging them.

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Why chatbots

"Conversational-AI first" will supersede "cloud-first, mobile-first" as the most important imperative for the next 10 years.

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75% of patients are nonadherent to their care plans.

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Patients aren’t engaged - it’s costing us $33B each year.

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There are 145,000 mobile health apps on the market.

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Mobile time is consolidating, with 88% of time spent in five mobile apps.

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90% of an app’s users disappear 30 days after download.

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They aren’t only messaging friends and family - 65% also want to message businesses.

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Bots will automate $65B of consumer engagement by 2020.

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Healthcare Providers

30% of scheduled procedures are unsuccessful.

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92% of patients never make it past the hospital home page.

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75% of patients don’t understand their care plans at discharge.

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Reps have less access to HCPs than ever before.

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26% of patients prescribed a drug never successfully fill it at the pharmacy.

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30% of patients drop out of trials after enrolling.

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