Engage with a conversation

Give patients an intuitive and mobile-responsive messaging experience. It’s HIPAA-compliant, requires no native download, and can be white labeled.

Create powerful bots

Define and deploy workflows quickly. Author, test, and optimize tailored conversations that automate your most critical engagement touchpoints.

Integrate with ease

Enable real-time, two-way data flows with your systems. LifeLink supports FHIR, HL7v2, REST, and XML for native EMR integrations (Epic, Cerner, Athena, and more).

Healthcare-grade SAAS

LifeLink’s HIPAA-compliant cloud platform is designed for scale and high availability. We provide robust administrative controls, data redundancy, and industry standard encryption (AES-256 or greater). We’re trusted by some of healthcare’s largest organizations, and we’re prepared to sign BAAs.